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Student Prayer Service highlights Science and Student Commons

with ceremonial groundbreaking


St. Bede’s annual Spirit Week had a unique addition on Wednesday when Fr. Ronald Margherio, OSB ‘68 led the annual all school prayer service not far from where construction began during summer break for the new Science and Student Commons. The service included all students saying a separate blessing prayer for the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes. A blessing was then said by all students for the faculty and staff of Saint Bede and in turn the faculty and staff renewed their commitment to the students. All students and faculty then proceeded to take part in a ceremonial groundbreaking over the new addition which included remarks by Abbot Philip Davey, OSB ’65, St. Bede Student Government President, Mackenzie Brady, a member of the Class of ’61, John O’Reilly, and Matt McGinnis, Legacy Project Campaign Director.

“It is important for all the students and staff to be a part of this exciting time at St. Bede, stated Matt McGinnis. It truly brings the project home, to have all of them, now that everyone is back on campus participate in the groundbreaking. “The Legacy Project is about our students and their future but we wouldn’t be here today if it not for the great care and generosity of our alumni and friends”

“This addition has sent a very clear message to the students, teacher and community that St. Bede is here to stay,” remarked senior Mackenzie Brady. “It will create a teaching and learning environment that will propel our programs forward and better prepare us for the next phase of our lives.”

Proudly wearing a Class of ’61 baseball cap, John O’Reilly commented on the significance of a St. Bede education that will stay with students for a lifetime and reflected on the days when his class was on campus and the importance of paying it forward.

“Today is a proud and moving moment for every Bruin present as we pray and celebrate together.” stated Abbot Philip Davey, OSB ’65. “It is meaningful that our groundbreaking is held during spirit week as we stand here today together filled with joy, and the Spirit of St. Bede.” “It is the “Spirit of St. Bede” that stays with us forever”, that has made this day possible and we are blessed and grateful”.

Invited by Abbot Philip Davey to officially set the shovels in the ground were Matt McGinnis, Mackenzie Brady, John O’Reilly and Treasurer of St. Bede, Eve Postula.

Pictures of the all school prayer service next year will look much different than they do today, as the campus of St. Bede will be beautified with the newly constructed addition and be occupied by students and faculty eager to utilize the state-of-the-art science facilities and to gather in the college feel commons.

The Student Commons will provide 1,500 square feet of space for students to study independently or in small groups. Principal, Michelle Mershon, stated, “This school year students will have the unique opportunity to take part in the day-to-day “building” progress of the addition by bringing the construction process into the classroom.” St. Bede Science faculty members will be partnering with the builder to identify practical applications of science and engineering to serve as real-time lessons; providing an academic opportunity for St. Bede students like no other.    “Life for a student at St. Bede will be anything but textbook this school year.” added Dr. Ted Struck, Superintendent.   

Spirit Week is an annual tradition held at Saint Bede Academy during the beginning of the school year for students to interact, build on their faith and get to know each other better as each school year begins.