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Please click the donate button to contribute to  The Saint Bede Academy Legacy Project

         Abbot Philip Davey

        Abbot Philip Davey

The monks of Saint Bede Abbey began our mission to provide a Catholic education to the families of the Illinois Valley 125 years ago. We have been blessed by God to be of service and we intend to remain at Saint Bede for many years to come. When people interested in joining the monastery visit us, a vibrant Catholic school is attractive to them. The Legacy campaign honors our past and the hundreds of men who devoted their lives to the Abbey and to their students. We deeply appreciate your generous support on our journey. We thank you whole-heartedly for considering a gift that will enable us to continue to glorify God in all that we do.

            Dr. Ted Struck

           Dr. Ted Struck

I have been involved with many building and renovation projects of the course of my 40+years in education. The Legacy Project plans are incredibly and absolutely necessary. The involvement of talented alumni supporters and staff has been outstanding. Thanks to their input, the designs are thoughtful, pragmatic, and support our traditions and aspirations. This project is not about bricks and mortar... this is about transforming Saint Bede Academy in a way that allows us to better serve our students, faculty and all stakeholders. The Legacy Project is about academic excellence. I am proud to assure you that Saint Bede Academy has a bright future. Your generous gift will make a very meaningful difference.

                                                                                                                                                      Science Wing - North Elevation

                                                                                                                                                    Science Wing - North Elevation


  • Strong focus to ensure the new addition blends well with existing buildings and our campus.
  • Design takes advantage of the renewed Arch to welcome students, staff and guests.
  • Fourteen geothermal wells 500’ deep will heat and cool the new addition.


  • New construction is less costly than renovating the existing laboratories.
  • 16,000 square foot addition brings all Science labs, teachers and students together.
  • The Collaborative Learning classroom offers space for math and other disciplines.
  • A lift elevates students, staff and guests to the main floor of the existing school.


  • Staff toured other Science buildings to determine pragmatic designs for our needs.
  • The Science courtyard is equipped for outdoor experiments, including natural gas and solar panels.


  • A versatile area offering places for study, lectures, group assignments and events.
  • Stained glass windows feature Saint Benedict and a wonderful rose window.
  • The design supports our goal to make the Academy look and feel more collegiate.

The Legacy Project will greatly improve the educational environment and academic reputation
of our school to continue our Mission.


Campaign Overview

The Legacy Project advances the Mission of Saint Bede Academy by building and renovating facilities that address several urgent needs and will provide a modern educational environment for our students and teachers. To date, $1 million of life safety-driven improvements have been completed on the main building. Three major phases remain:

  • The Science Center and Student Commons
  • A Field House with locker rooms, a training room and other amenities
  • Renovations to three floors of the main building and elements of the gymnasium

Each phase of the Project will require a year to complete and will cost an average of $6 million. Construction is expected to start in April 2017 and conclude in mid-2020.

Fundraising efforts will be national in scope and may require two years to execute. Dedicated staff and talented alumni and leaders will execute proven strategies from American City Bureau, a consultancy that has been retained to run a smooth and successful campaign.

Legacy Project Timeline

With God’s blessing and the support of the Saint Bede community, when you read the Bedan Record at this time next year we will have started construction on a new era of academic excellence for Saint Bede Academy. The next steps of the Legacy Project are clear and exciting. Teams of talented alumni, staff and supporters have worked diligently over the past several months to prioritize our needs and design facilities that function well and look great. More work remains of course and fundraising efforts are ramping-up. The Project phases are described below. Each phase seeks to complement our existing architectural style and will take about 10 to 15 months to complete, which allows enough time to thoughtfully design and fund the projects.

Science Center 2017-2018

Construction of the Science Center is expected to start in April 2017. The addition will be on the north end of our school and will take advantage of the new arch. Innovative laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics will dominate the space. The new facilities will greatly support our increasingly challenging Science curriculum. A Student Commons is planned to greet students, staff and guests to our campus. The Commons will offer spaces to collaborate, congregate or to simply contemplate.

Field House   2018-2019

The Field House will be a versatile venue for our many sports teams and clubs. In addition to the obvious athletics gains, it offers an academic benefit as well because student-athletes will no longer have to wait hours to start practice. The Field House will have three basketball courts and a track encircling those playing surfaces. The courts can be modified for numerous other sports or activities, including baseball, softball, wrestling and volleyball. New locker rooms, a training room and a lobby with concessions, a team shop and plenty of restrooms are on the drawing board as well.

Renovations   2019-2020

The three floors of our Main Building will receive a much-needed makeover to create a classroom environment suited to how teachers now teach and students now learn. Plans call for energy efficient windows, new doors, ceiling fans and treatments for the walls and floors. The kitchen and cafeteria have served countless meals and will be extensively modernized. The areas available to the public in the gymnasium will be improved to make events there more enjoyable for all.

Please contact Matt McGinnis, Class of 1985, at (480) 737-4090 or to get involved!

The most important things about Saint Bede really do not change; our shared Catholic faith, our school
traditions and our commitment to the Academy and to each other.

- Maggie Daluga, Class of 2018