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St Bede Academy Scholarship Information


1. Need Based Tuition Assistance: administered by St. Bede Academy

St. Bede utilizes the services of FACTS Management Company to determine the amount families are able to pay for tuition. It is strongly suggested that applications to FACTS for tuition assistance be submitted by April 15th. (If the student also plans to apply for the Spaulding Scholarship the FACTS material must be submitted by Feb. 1). Notification of assistance awards can be expected prior to June 15.

Please visit FACTS site for more information.


2. Spaulding Scholarship : administered by Peoria Diocese

Awards are based on funds available and completion of a FACTS Grant and Aid. All applicants must in addition to completing a FACTS application complete a diocesan application form (available at the Office of Catholic Schools 419 E Madison, Peoria, IL 61603) and supply letter(s) of recommendation from their parish priest. Applications must be submitted in their entirety by Feb. 1.

3. Mike Perona Scholarship: administered by St. Bede Academy

Each year both public and private grade school principals are invited to submit the name of one eighth grade student who:

  • Exemplifies attributes of kindness and concern

  • Participates in extracurricular school activities

  • Demonstrates leadership qualities plans to attend St. Bede Academy.

A single scholarship will be awarded from scholarship funds. The winner will be chosen by drawing a name from a hat containing all of those names submitted.

4. Durley Boyle Scholarship: administered by an independent 5 man committee

Any student who intends to attend or is already attending St. Bede and is a resident of Putnam County is eligible to apply for this scholarship. Selection is based on grades, community involvement, participation in extracurricular activities and quality of responses to questions in the application.

5. St. Joseph ’s Holy Name Society: administered by the Holy Name Society

Awarded to incoming freshman from Peru Catholic Grade School. The award is based on academic achievement as judged from the results of the Explore Test.

Classroom_Madie Hewitt.JPG

6. Jim Lattin Scholarship: administered by family and classmates of Jim Lattin

Awarded to a graduate of Trinity Catholic Grade School. The award is based on scholarship, need and involvement in extra curricular activity. Applicants must write an essay and submit a letter of recommendation from their teacher.

7. Schlagheck Scholarship: Administered through Peru Catholic School

Awarded to the Peru Catholic eighth grader planning to attend St. Bede who is selected by the faculty as student who most exhibits being active in the church and who is a friend to all.

8. Jasiek Scholarship: administered by St. Bede Academy

Awarded to members of the Jasiek family who attend St. Bede Academy.

9. Sondergroth Scholarship: administered by St. Bede Academy

Awarded to members of the Sondergroth family who attend St. Bede Academy.

10. Tyler Harrison Scholarship: administered by the Harrison family

Awarded to a student who attended DePue grade school and is a resident of DePue. The student must have a 2.5 grade point average . The recipient is chosen by lot.

11. Downey-Ptak Scholarship: administered by St. Bede Academy

Awarded to 3 freshman students who come from single parent households and who show financial need. This is a four year scholarship.

12. Father Allen Mattingly Scholarship: administered by the alumni who created this scholarship

Student must be nominated by his grade school. The student must write an essay on why they want to attend St. Bede Academy and a teacher from the school must write a recommendation. The committee reviews the submitted applications and chooses a winner. This is a four year scholarship as long as the student maintains a 2.5 grade point average.

13. Joseph J. Hohner Scholarship: administered by the LaSalle County Regional Office of Education

Applicants must be legal residents of LaSalle County and complete an application with the ROE before April 15.

14. Fr. Allen Mattingly Scholarship II: administered by St. Bede Academy (funded by Paul and Linda Kachinovas)
Awarded to a student from a single parent family in Ladd (or from Cherry) in need of tuition assistance who otherwise might not have the opportunity to attend St. Bede Academy. While preference will be given to an incoming freshman, it may be given to a non-freshman whose grade point average is at least 2.5. The amount available will vary but will be in the $500 or less range. Applicants should send a letter of application to Abbot Philip Davey O.S.B at St. Bede Academy.

Classrrom_Chinese student.JPG

15. Anne M. Ceresa Scholarship
A member of the Ceresa Family applying for this scholarship will be given priority. If a member of the family does not apply this scholarship will be awarded to a freshman who exhibits financial need (based on a FACTS application) and is a practicing Catholic. An application form can be obtained by contacting Abbot Philip Davey OSB at 815-223-3140 ext. 298.  Completed forms must be submitted to Abbot Philip prior to May 1. A FACTS application must be on file prior to April 15.  Members of the Ceresa family will review applications and make a selection.