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Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Letter from the Chaplain…

I am chaplain at St. Bede Academy and am convinced I have the best job here.  I’ve been a teacher, superintendent and development director.  For nine years I’ve had the opportunity to be ‘pastor’ here at the academy. All of us at St. Bede are concerned with the development of the whole person and, even though a person cannot be divided into compartments, we each focus our attention on one or more areas: academic, athletic, spiritual, extra-curricular, etc. It is my task to focus on the spiritual life of our students.  To that end I plan each year around four alternating themes that come directly from the Rule of St. Benedict.

Each day, in each class, the students pray: May the Rule of St. Benedict be our guide.  May the Spirit of St. Bede stay with us forever.  St. Bede, our patron, like the monks who sponsor the academy, was a Benedictine monk and follower of St. Benedict’s Rule. The four themes are based on four hallmarks of the Rule: Hospitality, Stewardship, Balance and Stability.  So, each year one of these themes provides the foundation for our all-school masses and prayer services; retreats; speakers and presentations; Lenten activities; charitable outreach; mission trips; scripture groups; weekend outings, etc.

I’m also involved in activities that are not part of my job description and, yet, contribute to the formation of the whole person.  Two of these are: Last Supper Club and the InterAct Club, along with several special activities.  Once a month, all who wish to do so, go out to a local restaurant for dinner and conversation and there is also the opportunity, on occasion, for an activity such as the end of the year trip to Great America.

It is really enjoyable working with our students so that the Rule of St. Benedict will be their guide and the Spirit of St. Bede will remain with them forever.


Fr. Ronald Margherio, O.S.B.
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May the Rule of St. Benedict be our guide...May the Spirit of St. Bede stay with us forever

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