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Bruins Compete to Help Fight Hunger

On January 5th St. Bede students, faculty and staff participated in the "Can" Do Good Competition with Hall High School to raise awareness for hunger in support of the Hall Township Food Pantry.  SBA Chaplain, Fr. Ronald Margherio spearheaded the idea and took to Facebook to ask for can donations.  "It was important to let people know that specific cans were needed to complete our design and I felt the more cans we collected before Christmas break the better off we'd be," stated Margherio.

Faculty members Mr. Rich Cummings, Mrs. Colleen Cox and Mr. Rick Fess put their heads together to help with the mathematical model concepts, structural methods and construction, which resulted in a design that required 4,200 plus cans.  Early on students, Bailey Hamer, Katrina Ramer, and Madeline Vaessen studied the design and worked out structural concerns.  There were a few "practice" meetings where students organized the cans into the following categories; color, brand, and "un-stackable."  The students also practiced stacking the cans to make sure everything they had worked out on paper would actually allow them to stack the cans eight feet high without falling.

To meet the requirements for the competition, both schools had six hours to use the cans to construct their mascot in a 10x10 foot square with the structural measurements being eight feet tall, 10 feet wide, and 6 feet deep.  In addition to cans, they were also allowed to use tape, wire, and cardboard (in-between the cans) for support. 

The can-structures were on display during the Hall/St. Bede basketball game and were judged on the following characteristics; structural ingenuity and crowd favorite.  Everyone who attended the game had an opportunity to vote for their favorite design along with the judges.  St. Bede won the competition and took home both trophies.

The full crew of students who helped consisted of Bailey Hamer, Katrina Ramer, Madeline Vaessen, Owen Epsel, Bradley Beckendorf, Frederick Fess, Harrison Fess, Jacob Theesfeld, Jordan Kramel, Paige Kramel, Isaac Janssen, Levi Bland, and Logan Griggs. 

Everyone at St. Bede is so very proud of all the students who worked nonstop for six hours to finish their can-structures with just minutes to spare.  They worked very well together in developing a super-efficient can stacking system with zero teacher influence and helped collect over 8,000 canned goods for the Hall Township Food Pantry.